Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament

2022 — Northbrook and Online, IL/US
Novice Policy Paradigm List
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Zander Arnao Univ Of Chicago Lab School 6 rounds
Seth Carter Lansing HS 6 rounds
Gershom Chan Niles West High School 3 rounds
Ramya Chilappa Blue Valley North 6 rounds
Gabe Cook Barstow School 6 rounds
David Heidt Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart 3 rounds
Courtney Hornsby Little Rock Central 3 rounds
Sam Korte Blue Valley Southwest High School 6 rounds
Karissa Kromminga Washburn Rural High School 6 rounds
Christopher LaPee Lansing HS 6 rounds
Jordyn Mahome Univ Of Chicago Lab School 6 rounds
Colin McDonough New Trier High School 3 rounds
Kalen Mehta Hire 6 rounds
Casey Meyer McDowell HS 3 rounds
Maddie Pira Notre Dame High School 3 rounds
Ann Rayburn Little Rock Central 6 rounds
Nikola Stamenkovic Diez Niles North High School 6 rounds
Dana Thurnell Hire 6 rounds