Robert Garcia Memorial Invitational

2022 — Mountain View, CA, CA/US


10th Annual Robert Garcia Memorial Invitational

Saint Francis High School, Mountain View


Welcome to the Annual Robert Garcia Memorial Invitational!  We are excited to offer our tournament again after a short hiatus.  Here you will find some important information regarding sign-ups and the tournament itself.


This tournament will be in-person only.


Important Dates:


Tournament Dates:

Saturday 9/17

Sunday 9/18


Entries and Judges Due 9/13

Fees Frozen 9/9


Drops Due (without additional fees) 9/14


Online Registration:

Friday 9/16 3pm-8pm

Tournament Schedule:


7:30am-8:30am: Registration (if not done online the previous day)

8:30am-10:00am Round 1 of LD and PF

8:30am-11:00am Round 1 of Policy Debate

10:30am-12:00pm Round 2 of LD and PF

11:00-1:30 Round 2 of Policy Debate


12:00pm-1:00pm - LD and PF Lunch

1:30-2:30 - Policy Lunch


1:00- 2:30 Round 3 of PF and LD

2:30-4:30 Round 3 of Policy Debate

3:30-5:00 Round 4 of PF and LD

5-7:30 Round 4 of Policy Debate



8:30am-10:00pm - Round 5 of PF and LD

8:30am-11:00pm - Round 5 of Policy Debate

11:30-12 - Awards

12-1:30 First Elim for PF and LD

12-2:30 First Elim for Policy


1:30-3:30pm Lunch 


3pm-4:30pm -  Second Elim for LD and PF

3:30pm - 5:30pm - Second Elim for Policy

5pm-6:30pm - Third Elim for LD and PF

7-8:30pm - LD and PF Finals

6pm-8:30pm - Policy Debate Finals

We will use the September topic for Both LD and PF.  We will use the current year’s Policy topic.




Schools must provide a judge for every two policy entries and every four LD or PF entries.  We prefer judges with some experience in the events but will also accept moderate-to-well-trained lay judges.


The tournament will not hire judges on behalf of schools to meet their obligations.  Payment of judge fees does not guarantee entries will be covered and we reserve the right to drop entries if we are not able to provide adequate judging.




All debates are open division and any levels are welcome.  No hybrid teams (where there are debaters from different schools debating on the same team).




Checks made out to:


Saint Francis Speech and Debate Team


℅ Tom Woodhead

1885 Miramonte Avenue

Mountain View, CA 94040


School Fee: $50


LD- $30 per entry

PF- $60 per entry

Policy- $60 per entry


Uncovered Judge Fee (if a judge misses a round, this is not an opportunity to hire through the tournament)- $50 per round


Nuisance Fee (drops after deadlines, etc..)- $50


If you have special circumstances that would warrant a discount or waiver for fees (low resource programs/entries), please contact me and we can arrange something appropriate.



All schools must have an adult representative of the school on campus at all times when their students are present with contact information posted on tabroom.  All schools must have permission from their Principal to attend the tournament.


Please contact with any questions regarding the tournament