USC Trojan Invitational

2023 — University of Southern Californ, CA/US

VLD & NLD Schedule

Schedule of Events (USC LD Invitational)

While this tournament is listed to begin Friday, this is ONLY for LAMDL divisions. VLD will take place Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. NLD will take place Saturday and Sunday. All listed times are in PT. All events are In-Person.

Varsity LD Schedule


08:00am --- VLD/NLD Round 1
11:00am --- VLD/NLD Round 2
01:30pm --- VLD/NLD Round 3
05:00pm --- VLD/NLD Round 4


08:00am --- VLD/NLD Round 5
11:30am --- VLD/NLD Round 6
02:00pm --- VLD/NLD Elim 1
05:30pm --- VLD/NLD Elim 2


08:00am --- VLD Elim 3
continues to end