California Invitational Berkeley Debate

2023 — Berkeley, CA/US

Congress Updates and Reminders

Congress Update #4 - Feb. 3rd @ 7:00 PM

A reminder that entries, judges, and name changes/drops are due tonight at 11:55 PM.

The Schedule is now updated. Rounds will be at 7:45 AM, 2:30 PM, and 7:45 PM on Sunday. Judges are reminded that they are obligated for ALL Rounds.

Congress Update #3 - Jan. 25th @ 10:40 PM

The Congressional Debate Docket is now posted. It can also be found here:

Congress Update #2 - Jan. 16th @ 7:20 PM

An email has been sent out about extending Legislation submission to Jan. 23rd. Schools should upload their legislation to Tabroom. Instructions on how to do so can be found here.

We will likely be combining the MS and HS Divisions. Those wishing to move their students from MS to another event or drop them entirely should let me know and I can do so without penalty.

Email linked here.

Congress Update #1 - Jan. 6th @ 6:00 PM

An email has been sent out regarding Congress Legislation and Registration for the Tournament. Legislation is due on Jan. 18th at 5 PM and the Docket will be released around Jan. 20th, along with rules and procedures governing the Tournament. Legislation should be uploaded to Tabroom and should be attached to a specific category.

Registration is due on Jan. 13th.

Email linked here.