6th Annual MSU Spartanvitational

2023 — East Lansing, MI/US

Tournament Greeting + LIVE General Meeting

General Meeting: We have decided to do a LIVE General Meeting in Wells Hall B117 at 8 am!

We will have three preliminary rounds and two elimination rounds. We’re giving trophies to the top six contestants in each event. Good luck and have fun!

We have a few rules that we’d like you to follow:

  • At a typical tournament, students gather in the cafeteria before rounds. We do not have a cafeteria space in our tournament buildings, so we ask that students gather in Wells B117.
  • No food or beverages (other than water) in the lecture halls and classrooms. If MSU’s custodial staff sees ANY mess in the rooms, Spartan Speech will have to pay a HEFTY fine! Please eat only in the hallways and dining halls.
    • Students: Please make sure you arrive back to Wells in time for semis postings. If you fail to return on time, it may result in forfeit.
  • You may move tables and chairs to accommodate for performance space, but PLEASE do not remove anything from rooms.
  • Judges will be using traditional paper ballots and critiques.
  • Judges be sure to turn in ballots and critiques after each round.
  • Results will be posted online through Tabroom.com + paper postings we posted in Wells B115
  • The tab room is Wells B102 and is clearly marked TAB on your map.
  • Pick up copies of Extemp, Broadcast, Duo Commentary, and Impromptu at the tab table (outside Wells B102).
  • Limited prep competitors must stay in the room after performing 3rd prelim, semis, and final rounds.
  • It is recommended that students bring their own device to access the internet. However, a limited number of desktop computers will be available in the Prep rooms.

Wi-Fi: MSU-Guest is available for everyone to use.

**FYI: If you are on a mobile device, you may need to keep logging in to the guest network. It gets annoying, I do apologize. **