Pennsbury Falcon Invitational

2023 — Fairless Hills, PA/US

Supplemental Events

The PFI is pleased to include two Supplemental Events on top of our 14 main events. We will hold FREE competition in Radio Announcing and Improvisational Duo Saturday afternoon, available for any competitors who are no longer active in their main events – ANY event, not just Speech!

Re-registration for Supplementals will begin after preliminary rounds are completed on Saturday. Competitors may register for either Radio Announcing, Improvisational Duo, or both! Both events will have one preliminary round followed by a final round.

Supplemental Events will run in two time blocks during main Speech event elimination rounds. This will allow competitors to compete in Supplementals AND observe rounds (or compete in BOTH Supplemental Events!). At re-registration for Supplementals, competitors will select the event and time block they in which they wish to compete.

There is no experience, preparation, or talent required!

In Radio Announcing, contestants will deliver a 2-minute, tournament-created radio broadcast of current events news. Contestants will have 5 minutes to prepare with the script to practice reading and to align their pace with the style of the broadcast (past formats have included business, sports, and general news). In the Final round, contestants will create their own transitions between stories, as well as a unique introduction and sign-off (prep time will be extended).

In Improvisational Duo, a pair of competitors receives 7 minutes (total) to plan and perform an impromptu scene. As in Impromptu, competitors will draw three topics and choose one to perform. And as in Impromptu at PFI, we reserve the right to create ridiculous themes or mad-libs in order to better entertain the judges.

Very important note: Improv Duo partners are not required to attend the same school!

Improv Duo is supposed to be entertaining, though this does not require it to be humorous. Competitors are prohibited from touching or looking at their partner, as in regular Duo; however, extensive movement and even audience interaction are encouraged.

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