Jasper Jaguar TFA

2023 — Plano, TX/US

World School Schedule

We will follow the NSDA/TFA rules for this event. The prepared motions have now been posted. They come from the list of resolutions from the TFA December-February choices.

World Schools Debate Schedule

Friday, January 13

4:30pm Announce Round 1 motion

4:45pm Mandatory Judge Training

5:30pm Round 1 (Impromptu)

7:00pm Round 2 (Prepared)

Saturday, January 14

8:30am Round 3 (Prepared)

10:30am Round 4 (Prepared)

12:30pm Announce First Elim motion

1:30pm First Elim (Impromptu)

3:00pm Second Elim (Prepared)

4:30pm Third Elim (Prepared)

Order of the Prepared Motions

Round 1 Impromptu Motion

Round 2 In art and popular culture, This House believes that creating new lead characters for minorities (e.g. Black Panther, Shang-Chi, and Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) is preferable to recasting them in existing roles already played by other actors/communities (e.g. Ghostbusters, The Little Mermaid).

Round 3 This House would ban lethal autonomous weapons

Round 4. Round 3 motion on opposite sides

Elim 1 Impromptu Motion

Elim 2 This House would ban somatic and germline human genome editing research conducted by private entities

Elim 3. This House supports mandatory voting in national elections