La Costa Canyon Winter Classic

2022 — Carlsbad, CA/US



This year, teams have the opportunity to prepurchase meal tickets for their students. Each ticket can be purchased for $5, and can be redeemed for an entree, a side, and a drink. This allows students to prearrange meals without worrying about cash, and also facilitates our new initiative to feed students who sometimes struggle to afford food at tournaments. Concessions will still be available for cash/card, but please consider using this new system to feed your own team, as well as possibly buying a couple of extra tickets to donate to students in need. To purchase meal tickets, buy them under the concession tab in registration, and if you would like to donate a portion of the tickets, please email me at and let me know how many you'd like me to set aside for those in need.

Tickets will be available for free at registration and in tab room throughout the tournament, no questions asked.

As always, we will also have our renowned judge's room stocked with tasty food to keep coaches and judges satisfied all weekend long!