Coppell Classic

2023 — Coppell, TX/US

Sweepstakes Info

This year, we are pleased to introduce the Glenda Ferguson Grand Sweepstakes Award. Each entry's final placement will be used to determine total points awarded. All entries in each event will accumulate points toward sweepstakes awards.

Debate Sweepstakes:

Advancing to Elims: 5 points
Each Elim Round Advanced: 5 points

IE & Congress Sweepstakes:

1st Place - 20 points
2nd Place - 15 points
3rd Place - 10 points
4th Place - 8 points
5th Place - 6 points
6th Place - 4 points
7th Place - 2 points
7th Place - 1 point

Glenda Ferguson Grand Sweepstakes Award:

This award is calculated based on the total of the above scores. The debate portion will receive a 2x multiplier based on the difference between the number of events offered in that category vs. IEs.