Castle Classic NIETOC BID Greeley Central HS

2022 — Greeley, CO/US

Team Judge Quotas

All coaches will be asked to judge 2 rounds. If you have debaters, you need to supply 1 debate judge for every two entries (coaches can count for this quota).

Coaches refusing to judge the 2 rounds will be asked to pay a $50-I-refuse-to-judge fee.

WE WILL BE USING ONLINE BALLOTS = please have judges set up a tabroom account.

Doubling IS allowed WITHIN waves for everybody except Congress, Extempers and Debaters. This is to increase chances for those wanting to try for a NIETOC bid. The round will not wait for you if you are late.

Cross-wave doubling is encouraged for all categories.

Policy debaters may only double in Black Wave Congress (B wave).

Poetry NOTE: We will use CHSAA Poetry rules (10 minutes, memorized - just like DI, HI, Duo)


Adopted Pilot Northern CO judge policy (thanks to Pat DeMartine for the wording): To run a smooth, on-time tournament, we require schools to help supply judges to cover rounds based on their entries. Please bring a judge to cover three rounds for each two debate entries and each six speech event entries. The tournament will compensate hired judges for all rounds, school-supplied judges for each round after three (3), and provide judges breakfast, lunch, and snacks. There will be a $20/round fee to hire local judges for unmet judging burdens. Judges are paid for rounds where ballots have constructive comments. All judges must register on Tabroom by November 11. We may request coaches to judge rounds free of charge to keep the tournament on time. The tournament may assess a $25/round fee for coaches who are unwilling or unable to judge. Please send someone qualified to judge if you will not be with your team.  If you are struggling with finding judges, PLEASE REACH OUT to Frenchie and we can work something out.