Big Spring TFA

2022 — NSDA Campus, TX/US


Please accept this invitation to "attend" the Big Spring HS Halloween Tournament.  The meet will be synchronous but solely online, through NSDA Campus.  

The flexible schedule is designed to allow cross-entry with the following exceptions:

CX may not cross-enter in EXTEMP, POETRY, or PROSE.

No Student may enter both Extemp divisions.

LDers may not PF.

Please help me with judges!  Send info to your formers and contacts.

CONGRESS will begin on Thursday evening and will continue on Friday during the day.  We will use TFA Fall 2022 Dockett. 21-30 for Prelims, 1-10 for semis, 11-20 for Finals.

Please contact me if you need anything,  432-935-1311