Stephen Stewart Middle and High School Invitational

2022 — milpitas, CA/US



ALL TIMES ARE Pacific Daylight Time Zone


Noon: digital check in.

Updated schedule. Please note the later start time. 

4:30PM: Varsity and JV round 1, and Parli topic release

6:30PM: Varsity and JV Round 2, and Parli topic release



8AM R1 Novice Debates.  R3 JV and Varsity

9AM Congress R1

10AM R2 Novice Debates.  R4 JV and Varsity

12:00pm Congress R2

1:00PM R3 Novice Debates.  R5 JV and Varsity

3:30PM R4 Novice, Double Octos JVPF,VLD and Vpar. R6 VPF, N/Middle Congress Finals, 

3PM MS and Open Congress Finals

6:30PM R5 Novice, Octos JVPF, VLD, Vpar, Doubles VPF

8PM or ASAP Novice Awards and congress: (judges willing)



8:00am IE R1 

Quarters VLD,JVPF, Vpar, Octos VPF

8:00am Congress Finals

10:00am IE R2 

11AM Semis VLD, JVPF and Vpar, Quarters VPF

1:00pm IE R3

1:30PM Finals VLD, JVPF and Vpar, Semis VPF

4pm IE Elim

VPF FInals. Start time of finals for LVD, Vpar IF round of 64 added

6PM start time of last PF if round of 64 added