Florida Blue Key Speech and Debate Tournament

2022 — Gainesville, FL/US

Friday Schedule

Time Description
4:15 PM Congress Judge Check-in
4:30 PM ALL LD (VLD and NLD) Mandatory Judge Call
4:45 PM ALL Public Forum Judge Check-In
  Speech Judge Check-in
  Extemp Student Check-in
  VLD R1 Blasts
  NLD R1 Blasts
5:00 PM Congress Round 1
5:15 PM V-Public Forum Round 1A
  N- Public Forum Round 1A
  V-Lincoln Douglas Round 1A
  N-Lincoln Douglas Round 1A
5:30 PM Extemp Draw Round 1
  Speech Round 1: Pattern A
6:30 PM N- Public Forum Round 1B
  V- Public Forum Round 1B
  V-Lincoln Douglas Round 1B
  N-Lincoln Douglas Round 1B
7:00 PM ALL LD R2 ballots released
  ALL PF R2 ballots released
6:45 PM Speech Round 1: Pattern B
7:45 PM V- Public Forum Round 2A
  N- Public Forum Round 2A
  V-Lincoln Douglas Round 2A
  N-Lincoln Douglas Round 2A
8:15 PM Congress Assembly
8:45 PM V- Public Forum Round 2B
  N- Public Forum Round 2B
  V-Lincoln Douglas Round 2B
` N-Lincoln Douglas Round 2B