All Saints Episcopal School

2022 — TYLER, TX/US


UPDATED Tuesday, Oct. 11

Note: This schedule is tentative and rounds will be collapsed and/or times advanced whenever we are able, especially after prelims.

Cross-entering limits: Debate (CX, LD, PF & Congress) may enter speech events. In speech, students may enter up to three events [updated 10/3] (plus debate), but may enter only one extemp event.  A judge can cover both a speech and a debate obligation, but should expect some marathon judging.

Division requirements: Only students in their first year of high school competition may enter a novice division.  In a team event, if one partner has already competed, the team must compete in the varsity division.  However, anyone is eligible to compete in the varsity division at their coach's discretion, which would make them eligible to earn TFA State qualification points.

7:15-7:45 Registration

8:00 Speech Rd. 1A: Extemp draw (DX, IX, NX), OO, HI, Duo, POI

8:30 Extemp (Speak)

9:00 Speech Rd. 1B (Info, DI, Poetry, Prose)

10:00 Debate Rd. 1: VPF, NPF, VLD, NLD (all flighted), VCX, NCX

10:00 Congress (Varsity & Novice) prelim (per TFA rules, required actual debate time is 2.5 hrs for a room of 10-14                         competitors; recess sparingly); hard stop by 1:00

11:30 Debate Rd. 2: VPF, NPF, VLD, NLD, VCX, NCX

1:00 Speech Rd. 2A/Semis (Extemp Draw, OO, HI, Duo, POI); everyone competes in round 2 in events with 24 or          fewer entries

1:30 Extemp (Speak)

2:00 Speech Rd. 2B (Info, DI, Poetry, Prose); everyone competes in round 2 in events with 24 or fewer entries

3:00 Rd. 3 Debate (powermatched, hi-low within brackets)

3:00-5:00 Congress Finals (varsity & novice) 12 competitors/room

5:00 Speech finals A (Extemp Draw, OO, HI, Duo, POI); paneled

5:30 Extemp finals (speak)

6:00/ASAP Speech finals B (Info, DI, Poetry, Prose) paneled

7:00/ASAP Debate Elimination 1 (Varsity), Debate Rd. 4 (novice)

8:00/ASAP PF & LD Debate Elim 2

8:30/ASAP VCX finals

9:00/ASAP VLD Debate Elim 3 (if needed)