Clear Falls Knight TFA IQT TOC Speech and NIETOC Qualifying Inv

2022 — League City, TX/US

Entry and Team Fees and Judge Requirement/Fee

Entry Fees for the 2022 Clear Falls Knight Invitational

IE's (DX, FX, NX, INF, OO, DI, HI, POI, POE, PRO): $25 per entry

Duo and Duet: $25 per entry

Congressional Debate: $30 per entry

Varsity LD Debate: $35 per entry

Novice LD Debate: $30 per entry

Varsity PF Debate: $35 per entry

Novice PF Debate: $30 per entry

CX Debate: $45 per entry

WSD Debate: $50 per entry

School Fee: $100 per school

*Note: We do not charge you a nuisance fee for drops after the free drop deadline, but we ask that you make sure your entries are accurate before fees lock in to ensure a smooth-running tournament experience for all.

Judge Requirements and Judge Buy-Out Fee

Each school must either provide a judge that is available for all rounds occurring while that school has an entry competing or buy-out a full contract judge to cover their entries.  The buy-out is $200 – our guarantee for a full contract judge.  We would rather have you in the judging pool than your money.