Michigan Summer Institutes

2022 — NSDA Campus, MI/US


If you believe you will not be there for a debate, you should email debatehelp@umich.edu to let us know you're not going to debate in that round. We would far prefer if people let us know they are going to miss debates or that they aren't going to show up than that they just ghost/forfeit.

If students have not arrived within 15 minutes after start time without making contact via the debatehelp@umich.edu email, they will be forfeited. If they are more than 10 minutes late, but less than 15, we will deduct any time past 10 min from their prep time in order to keep the tournament on schedule.

If someone's partner doesn't show up, they can debate maverick but if any team debates more than 2 rounds maverick, will not be eligible to clear.