Foster Fulshear Back to School Swing

2022 — Richmond, TX/US


If you are interested in judging the Foster/Fulshear Back to School Swing, please fill out THIS FORM. Once you are hired, we will send you an email and add you to the Tabroom judging pool. 

Schools are required to fullfill their judging requirements. Swing tournaments do not work unless we have coaches willing to judge!

Full Contracts are $175 for the full weekend. Just Friday is $75 and just Saturday is $100. We can pay round by round as well if needed. 

If you are hired as a contract judge, you will receive an email before the tournament from InformedK12. It may go to Spam or Junk. You will need to complete it fully, electronically, to get paid. 

If you have any questions about judging, feel free to reach out to Kendra Willeby at