Chuck Ballingall Memorial Invitational at Damien High School

2022 — La Verne, CA/US


Thanks Glenbrooks + Heritage Hall

-It is strongly recommended that all participants be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

-It is strongly recommended that all participants wear well-fitting masks during the tournament when not speaking during a round.  It is also a good idea to mask up when congregating or moving between rounds.

-It is the responsibility of participants to follow any of your own district's/school/state COVID-19 protocols. 

-If any participant or guest experiences any COVID-19 symptoms during the tournament, that person should withdraw from the tournament and leave campus. 

-Schools, and not the tournament, are responsible for making sure that competing individuals follow state, local, and national guidelines regarding COVID-19 safety during the tournament.

-If students or judges request individuals to wear a mask during moments indoors when competitors are not speaking for the sake of a competitive speech/debating/argument, it is policy of the tournament that this request will be honored in all cases by all present parties without issue by the asked party. If individuals refuse or fail to comply, please inform the tabroom immediately with the consequence of entire team removal from the tournament functioning as the lowest level of consequence for those found responsible for lack of compliance.