Washburn Rural Debate Invitational 2021

2021 — Topeka, KS/US

Novice Evidence Packet

This year, the Washburn Rural invitational will be using an evidence packet for the novice division. All entries competing in novice will be constrained to the following set of evidence. Here are some general guidelines...


1) You may not cut your own evidence, even if it is extrapolation from the original source. Only the text in these files can be used.

2) You cannot change the plan texts. I don't care if you don't like them. Topicality arguments and pre-tournament prep are based on the plans provided here. If there is a grammatical error or something in a plan that is provided, let me know and I will change it if I've made a mistake.

3) You can reorganize cards in whatever way you want to. If you like extension evidence more than what is provided in the 1AC, fine.

4) You may rehighlight, retag, reunderline evidence. But you may not add or subtract any words/context from the evidence that is included. You can condense and shrink cards, etc. But we should all be playing with the same evidence

Let me know if you have any other questions. Here is a link: