Stephen Stewart Middle and High School Invitational

2018 — Milpitas, CA/US

We would love to welcome you to the 2nd Annual Stephen Stewart invitational at Milpitas HS, named after our founder.

Note PF uses FEB topic (practice for Stanford and Berkeley)

Novice Debate is SATURDAY only (5 rounds, awards to winning records).

TBA deletion date: Jan 7, 2018

Congress Legislation due Dec 1 2017

Please remember that although this tournament is meant to include Middle schools and academies, please limit your entries to 6th grade and up.


Extemp Topic areas (r1-3 prelims, 4 is finals or semis depending on numbers, 5 is finals if there is a semis)
US Extemp
1 US Politics
2 US Foreign Policy
3 Social Issues
4: Justice & Civil Rights
5: US Economy
International Extemp
1:Asia & Pacific
2:The Americas
3:North Africa & Middle East
5:Sub-Saharan Africa