Marist Scrimmage Series 1

2015 — GA/US
The first Marist Scrimmage will be November 5, 2015.  We look forward to seeing your novices come for some great practice rounds.
Arrival Times
Our goal is to start at 4:15pm, so plan on arriving around 4:00pm.  You can park in the main lot wherever you want.  We will be meeting in the Ivy Street Center building (right in front of the main lot) in room 204.  Text me if you think a team may be running a bit late.   I can take pizza orders when you get here and then we'll just have that in between rounds.  We have plenty of water bottles for everyone.
4:15pm - Round 1
5:45pm - Dinner (pizza orders due prior to Round 1)
6:15pm - Round 2
Coaches - when your teams are finalized, please email me a rating for each team so we can pair properly and give teams some good matchups.  Ratings will be based on how you think they would do at a typical tournament.
A - 4-0 teams
B - 3-1 teams
C - 2-2 or 1-3 teams 
D - 0-4 teams
Please bring enough judges to cover your entries.  If we have enough judges, we may even have two per panel (your own kids can judge your own teams, but we'll avoid it when possible).
You can change your teams up to 12:00pm Thursday - during lunch I plan on making the pairings.
Additional Notes
The Counterplan will not be allowed in the packet division.