Overlake Middle School Spring Tournament

2023 — Redmond, WA/US


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SI-n5CFDbZMkr32x2__ioyTL0QH1D2QdKM0aByBJJK0/edit?usp=sharing spreadsheet of how we calculated debate + speech combined (we used points instead of ranks for tiebreakers :( because impromptu had 8 people in a room and that would've been a tiny bit unfair)

9-10:30 r1 debate

10:30-12 r1 speech

12-1 lunch and demo (Sonja/Catherine duo and SPAR) -- lunch starts at 12:30 so demo will be 12-12:30

1:15-2:45 r2 debate

2:45-4:15 r2 speech

4:15-4:35 demo, awards calc (demo TBD)

4:45: awards