Melissa Spring Academic Swing

2024 — Melissa, Tx, TX/US

Dear Colleagues:

Melissa High School’s Speech, Debate & UIL Academic Team invites you to the in-person Winter Classic, Wednesday through Saturday, January17th-20th at Melissa High School. This year, we will be offering a unique opportunity for academic coaches! You will be able to get TWO different tests for an incredibly cheap price this year! ALL academic tests will transpire on Saturday. Friday will be JUST debate, and Saturday will be JUST academics and speech events. Please read the information below, which is also located in the invitational PDF located on the right hand side of the screen.

Academic Information Academic Tests:

This year, Melissa High School will be offering TWO sets of academic tests that will be given to students. The ONLY event NOT offered in a “swung” manner is the computer science and programming test. The computer science and programming test will be held on FRIDAY, JANURARY 20th at MELISSA HIGH SCHOOL. All academic tests will be purchased through a 3rd-party vendor(s).

Virtual Events (Wednesday-Friday):



Headline Writing

Copy Editing

Ready Writing

News Wiring

Social Studies Essays (both Set A & Set B)

Current Events Essays (both Set A & Set B)

GRADING NOTE: Please give the graders 1-2 weeks to grade the items above, whereby the feedback/results will be sent to the coach.

Virtual Grading Information:

Students will have the exams sent to the coaches, whereby the coaches will be able to administer the tests to the students. Once finished, please email all tests to and for grading purposes. These will have around a 2-week window to be graded, so we thank you for your patience in advance.

Set B Information:

Students that wish to participate in Set B of the academic tests will have to go to Melissa High School on Saturday, Janurary 20th.

Grading Events (Pencil):

Students will be able to complete the written portions of the tests. Please make sure that all students come prepared with a PENCIL for grading purposes. DO NOT come with a pen as that will not translate on the grading components of the test.

Subjective Events (i.e., the Essay) Information:

Students will be able to complete the subjective portions of these tests between Wednesday and Friday of the week. Thus, please make sure that you email the essays in some manner to and for grading purposes.

Computer Apps Note:

Computer Applications will ONLY have a single test provided due to the extensive grading of the test. The same is applicable for computer tests occurring on Friday.

Academic Judges Fee Note:

This year, because of the strenuous grading, Melissa High School will be including a judging fee for students in the swung events. The judging fee for each school will be 15 dollars.

Academic Schedule (Saturday) Highlighting Note:

Anything highlighted in yellow is Set A, while anything highlighted in Green is set B.

8:00 Computer Applications Test

Current Issues and Events Test 1

Ready Writing Test 2

Number Sense Test 1

8:15 Math Test 1

8:30 Literary Criticism Test 1

9:00 Literary Criticism Test 1

9:30 Calculator Applications Test 1

10:00 Current Issues and Events Test 2

Calculator Applications Test 2

10:30 Spelling and Vocabulary Test 1

Science Test 1

Accounting Test 1

11:30 Accounting Test 2

Feature Writing Test 1

12:00 Spelling and Vocabulary Test 2

12:30 Science Test 2

1:30 Editorial Writing Test 2

Math Test 2

2:30 Social Studies Test 1

Headline Writing Test 2

3:30 Copy Editing Test 2

4:00 Social Studies Test 2

4:45 Number Sense Test 2

5:45 Literary Criticism Test 2

Computer Science Note:

Computer Science (writing and programing will be completed FRIDAY NIGHT)

Note: Computer Science will start PROMPTLY at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, Janurary 19th.

Speech & Debate Schedule Friday DEBATE Events:

On Friday, January 19th, the following Academic and Speech/Debate events will take place at Melisa High School:

-UIL Lincoln Douglas Debate

-TFA Lincoln Douglas Debate

-Congressional Debate (we will be using the TFA Spring Docket)

Debate Topics Used:

Policy Debate (we will be using the Fiscal Redistribution topic)

Public Forum (we will be using the NSDA January/February topic)


Friday DEBATE Schedule:


Friday, January 19th

4:30 PM Round 1

6:30 PM Round 2

8:30 PM Round 3


Friday, January 19th

4:00 PM Congress Prelims

7:00 PM Congress Finals

Saturday SPEECH Schedule:

8:00 AM RD1 PO, PR, DUO, POI


10:30 AM RD2 PO, PR, DUO, POI

11:30 AM RD2 HI, DI, OO, INFO

12:00 PM SF INF, PER



3:15PM (Finals) PER, INF, PO, PR, DUO, POI

4:00PM (Finals) HI, DI, OO, INFO


****Cross Enter at your own risk!

Speech & Debate Fees Speech & Debate Fees:

Hired Debate Judge: $175

No Show Debate Judge Fee: $200

Hired Speech Judge: $100

No Show Speech Judge Fee: $150

Academic Fees:

Please see tabroom for the fees.

Registration FAQ’s:

Making a Tabroom: For information on how to make a tabroom account check out this video:

Tabroom Registration: For information on how to register for the tournament after creating an account is here:

Linking your Students: Keep in mind students will need to have their own tabroom account created and linked to the school/institution they attend and an email address attached/linked to their account. Here is a video to help you link your students to their accounts:

Contact Information:

Brenden Dimmig


Kyle Brenner