Newton Forensics Invitational

2023 — Newton, KS/US

Hello and welcome to the Newton Forensics Invite for 2022. We are hosting our tourney on Feb 3rd and 4th 2023. We are an in-person tournament for forensics at this time. I am wanting to do LD/PF and Congress via Zoom or another platform. Please give me feedback about a Virtual tourney for only Friday night.

Tabroom Link to register online

Friday Schedule

School Check-in and Judge Check-in 3 pm Be online for LD/PF/Congress by 3 pm if Zoom/Campus


WE WILL USE ZOOM through the kindness of the AD ASTRA foundation as they have covered the costs of using zoom.

Rd 1 3:30 pm Congress Session 1 Rd 1 LD/PF

Rd 2 4:30 pm Congress session 2….LD /pf asap

Rd 3 5:00 pm Congress Session 3….LD/PF asap

Rd 4 for LD and PF finals only asap. If needed.

The events we are offering to start are

Friday Events

Novice Congress

Varsity Congress

LD Debate

Public Forum

Confess legislation for this tournament will be the DEcember NSDA congress legislation packet that came out December 1st 2022.


Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2023 January/February Topic

Resolved: Justice requires open borders for human migration.

Public Forum Debate – 2023 February Topic Area: Economy

Resolved: In the United States, right-to-work laws do more harm than good.

Saturday Schedule

School and Judge Check-in 7:15 to 7:55 am

RD 1 Draw 745 am/Round 8 am to 9:20 am

RD 2 Draw 9:15 am/Round 9:30 am 10:50 am

RD 3 Draw 10:45 am/ Round 11 am to 12:30 pm

Lunch 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm

Finals Draw 1:15 pm/Round 1:30 pm to 3 pm

Awards ASAP

Saturday Events

Dramatic Interp

Duo Interp

Humorous Interp

Improvised Duet Acting


Info 10

International Extemp

Original Oration

Program Oral Interp



US Extemp

Students may enter only one Friday night event!!

Students may enter as many events on Saturday as they wish. IF they are late due to time, the student will get last place in that round with zero quality points.

Students may only enter one 30 minute draw event: IX, USX, IDA

Reminder: If the round ends before a student performs, the student will get last place. (Do not enter too many events or students will be late to rounds.)

Awards will be given for the top six in each of the Saturday events. Congress will medal the top six in each chamber. LD and PFD will medal the top three. More will medal if we have a large entry.

Sweeps will be given out for Forensics on Saturday. The top three teams will get trophies. This will be based on the school's top sixteen entries. (Hopefully, coaches will not have to choose your top entries ahead of time.) Schools should limit to 20 entries for now. I may be able to allow more as we get closer.

Text or call my cell at 316-323-7193 if you have any questions.

Text me before you leave your building about drops. You should be able to do drops on that morning. Text me if you can’t figure it out.

David ‘Mr. Bill’ Williams

Newton HS Forensics/Debate