Alief KERR TFA NIETOC Tournament

2023 — Houston, TX/US

9th Annual Kerr WSD, Congress & IE Extravaganza

TFA & NIETOC Qualifier


We are pleased to invite you, once again, to the 9th Annual Kerr WSD, Congress, & IE Extravaganza on January 28th, 2023. We are extremely proud to announce after eight successful years of running a timely and efficient tournament, that we will once again, not only be a Texas Forensic Association (TFA) qualifying competition, but also one of the few and last National Individual Event Tournament of Champions (NIETOC) Bid tournaments in our region. Also, because of space constraints and local demand, we will be hosting WSD virtually on NSDA campus. Because of this, their will be no cross entry for WSD debaters. As always, our goal is to have quality numbers in all events.

We are dedicated to making this a unique and awarding experience for all participating schools.

We know that time and points are important to your programs at this time, so we have designed a tight, but efficient schedule that will maximize both. Although limited in space, we are flush with quality staff, judges, and community support to make this tournament run efficiently and on time, just like the last three years. We have previously been a NIETOC bid in Semis in DI, DUO, and OO, so we recommend that you register early before spots fill up. We are more than open to any and all suggestions and appreciate your input, both before, during, and after this event. In support of all NSDA / TFA Qualifying IE events, including Program of Oral Interpretation (POI) and Informative (INF), we will be sponsoring those events once again and hope to combine NDI&NHI to offer Novice Individual Acting (NIA) if numbers allow for it.

Kerr student's will be able to compete and are eligible to advance, per the recent EC pilot program.

Due to popular demand and to allow early entries, we are opening our site before Christmas to accommodate those schools committed to registering early, to start the new year right. Because our NIETOC bid status and limited size, there will be caps to overall numbers, so please register at your earliest convenience to assure your spot in our unique 1-day WSD, Congress, & IE tournament.

Congress Legislation: Prelims = 16-20 / Finals = 21-25 (Semis = 26-30 if Needed)

Thanks -- We look forward to having you!

Derek Davis

Kerr High - Director of Forensics

Three Diamond NSDA Coach

(713) 416-2447

8150 Howell-Sugarland Rd, Houston, TX, 77083