Big Horn Invitational

2023 — Big Horn, WY/US

Big Horn Invitational January 27 & 27, 2023

Click HERE for Congress Legislation

Welcome to the Big Horn Invitational tournament for 2023. We are excited to host you in person in beautiful Big Horn, WY! We will be hosting a two day tournament, with four prelim rounds and finals.


We will have the following events in two patterns:

Pattern A - LD, PF, Senate, Drama, Duet, POI

Pattern B - House, Humor, Oratory, Poetry, Extemp, Info

Entries are welcome to double within the pattern at their own risk except for in the debates, House/Senate and Extemp.

Entry Limits

Initially we would like to limit each school to 4 entries per event. But please put students on the waitlist, as most of the time we can accept all waitlisted entries as well.


We don't plan to use coaches as judges full time, but if you can bring a judge along, that would be greatly appreciated. You will be asked to try and provide one judge for every 10 entries.


Congress legislation will be taken from the Wyoming Congress database the weekend before the tournament. Please check here for a link the week of the tournament. Please submit any legislation you would like to have considered to at least two weeks before the tournament date. If a super congress is needed, that legislation will be from the national tournament last summer.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

Thank you all for coming, and we look forward to seeing you in January!

Dustin Olsen

BHHS Speech and Debate


Friday, January 27

12:30 PM Round 1 - Pattern A - DI, DUO, LD, PF, POI, SEN

2:00 PM Round 1 - Pattern B - HI, HOU, INF, OO, PO, EX

3:30 PM Round 2 - Pattern A

5:00 PM Round 2 - Pattern B

6:30 PM Round 3 - Pattern A

Saturday, January 28

9:00 AM Round 3 - Pattern B

10:30 AM Round 4 - Pattern A

12:00 PM Round 4 Pattern B

1:30 PM Final - Pattern A

3:00 PM Final - Pattern B

4:30 PM - Awards