Mountain View High School New Year Invitational

2023 — Loveland, CO/US

Mountain View High School New Year Invitational

January 7th, 2023 - Mountain View High School

Happy 2023! You are invited to join us at the first annual Mountain View High School New Year Invitational. I am so excited to be hosting, and I hope you will consider joining us. Here are the details:

Tabulation Platform -

Tournament Site - Mountain View High School (3500 Mountain Lion Drive, Loveland CO 80537)


Wave A

Dramatic Interpretation

Humorous Interpretation

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Poetry Interpretation

Informative Speaking

National Extemporaneous Speaking

Congressional Debate A

Wave B

Original Oratory

International Extemporaneous Speaking

Program Oral Interpretation

Public Forum Debate

Policy Debate

Duo Interpretation

Congressional Debate B

Double Entries: Students are welcome to enter in as many events* as they like with the exception of Policy Debate.

*Students may only double enter in opposite waves if they compete in the following events: Lincoln Douglas, National Extemporaneous Speaking, International Extemporaneous Speaking, Public Forum Debate. Students who are double entered may not receive all of their time.

Debate Resolutions:

The January NSDA resolutions will be used for Public Forum, LD, and Policy debates.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: (All times in Mountain Standard Time)

7-7:30 AM Team and judge online check-in.

8:00 AM Round 1 Wave A (We will start on time, earlier if possible)

9:45 AM Round 1 Wave B

11:30 AM Round 2 Wave A

1:15 PM Round 2 Wave B

3:00 PM Round 3 Wave A

4:45 PM Round 3 Wave B

6:30 PM Finals all rounds as required

8:30 PM Awards (or earlier if possible)

Entry Fees* - $10.00 per individual entry/ $15.00 per partner entry. Please make checks payable to Mountain View High School Speech and Debate. Mailing address - 3500 Mountain Lion Dr, Loveland, CO 80537

*If you are struggling with funding for your program and/or entry fees would be the reason you do not come to the tournament, please contact me so we can work together to resolve that issue. MVHS Speech and Debate is committed to improving access to our activity, and we are happy to be your partner in making this activity possible for your students.


Adopted Pilot Northern CO judge policy (thanks to Pat DeMartine for the wording): To run a smooth, on-time tournament, we require schools to help supply judges to cover rounds based on their entries. Please bring a judge to cover three rounds for each two debate entries and each six speech event entries. The tournament will compensate hired judges for all rounds, school-supplied judges for each round after three (3), and provide judges breakfast, lunch, and snacks. There will be a $20/round fee to hire local judges for unmet judging burdens. Judges are paid for rounds where ballots have constructive comments. All judges must register on Tabroom by January 6. We may request coaches to judge rounds free of charge to keep the tournament on time. The tournament may assess a $25/round fee for coaches who are unwilling or unable to judge. Please send someone qualified to judge if you will not be with your team. If you are struggling with finding judges, PLEASE REACH OUT to JD and we can work something out.

Questions or Concerns? Email us at or call JD at 970-417-0313