Home On The Digital Range 7

2022 — Online, KS/US

Important Information:

***We've done a few of these, and the following things are incredibly important to make it possible to have 4 rounds in Open on a weeknight. As a result, we will enforce all of the following:

  1. You MUST have a judge for every portion of 2 teams for EVERY round. We will hold you to this requirement. Schools without appropriate judge coverage will have to drop entries. We don't have extra judges to cover!
  2. All teams and judges must check in to the Zoom meeting a minimum of 15 minutes before their first round. Teams who are not checked in will be dropped. Any team more than 10 minutes late for a round through no fault of the tournament will be dropped.
  3. Technology Issues: It is the responsibility of the schools/teams competing to make your technology work. We cannot wait for teams having any sort of technology issues. In-round issues with technology count as part of your prep time.
  4. It s a virtual tournament. Because of this, teams are expected to have electronic copies of the evidence they read in the debates, and they MUST make those documents available to the other team (and judges, if they ask). These electronic copies of evidence MUST match what the students are reading in the debates. Students will recieve a loss for not making the evidence they read, in the form they read it, available to the other team.


We will be using the following schedule:

3:00 - Rd 1 Open

3:30 - Rd 1 Novice/JV

4:30 - Rd 2 Open

5:00 - Rd 2 Novice/JV

6:15 - Rd 3 Open (delay powered from Rd 1)

6:45 - Rd 3 Novice/JV

8:00 - Rd 4 Open