WB Ray TFA NIETOC Qualifier

2023 — Corpus Christi, TX/US

We are excited to invite you to the

W.B. Ray High School TFA/NIETOC Qualifier

January 14, 2023

All entries will be wait-listed initially. Students may enter 3 IEs in each section. If entering extemp, they may only enter in one other Section A event. Brackets will not be broken in debate. Congress will debate items 9-16 during prelims, and finals will debate 1-8.

We will be sending out updates through our remind as well as in person. Join our Remind by texting @raytourney to 81010!

NIETOC Bids are gained at the following levels:

0-19 contestants = FIRST PLACE BID

20-34 contestants = FIRST, SECOND & THIRD PLACE BIDS

35-50 contestants = FINAL ROUND BIDS

51-70 contestants = SEMIFINAL ROUND BIDS

71-99 contestants = QUARTERFINAL ROUND BIDS

100 + contestants = OCTAFINAL ROUND BIDS

Please make sure that each school has a school-approved coach/sponsor throughout the day.

Section A: DX, FX, NX, DUO, DA, PO, INF, HI, NPO

Section B: DI, OO, PR, POI, NPR, IMP


7:30am-8:30am - Registration

7:45am - Extemp Draw

8:00am - CX Round 1

8:15am - Round 1 Section A

9:45am - Congress Prelims

9:45am - Debate Round 1 / Prelims Section B

10:00am - CX Round 2

11:45am - Debate Round 2 / Semis Section B

12:00pm - CX Round 3

1:45pm - Extemp Draw

2:15pm - Semis Section A

2:30pm - CX Quarters

3:30pm - Congress Finals

3:45pm - Debate Round 3 / Finals Section B

4:30pm - CX Semis

5:45pm - Extemp Draw

6:15pm - Finals Section A

6:30pm - CX Finals

7:15pm - Debate Quarters

8:15pm - Debate Semis

9:15pm - Debate Finals

Rounds will be accelerated if possible.