Brookings Bell

2022 — Brookings, SD/US

We are excited to welcome you to the 2022 Brookings Bell December 16-17 at Brookings High School.

We will offer 3 rounds of IEs and a final on Friday. In addition to novice and varsity extemp and oratory, we will be running combined novice and varsity events in DI, HI, DUO, POI, and INFO. Coaches, please make sure that you clearly mark your novices in Tabroom (and remove the novice designation from all varsity competitors). We will award the top novice in each of these categories.

In addition to IEs, we will again be running 3 congress sessions on Friday. If numbers warrant, we will have separate novice and varsity houses. Since there seems to be interest in Saturday congress for students who aren’t participating in PF or LD, we will include it in the registration. We will hold it if there are at least 10 students entered. The docket will be available on Tabroom.

We will offer 5 rounds and a final of varsity and JV PF and LD debate on Saturday.

Friday Schedule

12:15-1:00 Registration

1:00 General Meeting

1:15 Extemp Draw Round 1 (Bell Auditorium)

1:45 Rd 1 all Individual Events; Student Congress Session 1 (1:45-2:45)

2:45 Extemp Draw Round 2

3:15 Rd 2 all Individual Events; Student Congress Session 2 (3:15-4:15)

4:15 Extemp Draw Round 3

4:45 Round 3 all Individual Events; Student Congress Session 3 (4:45-5:45)

6:15 Extemp Draw Finals

6:45 Finals of all Individual Events

8:15 IE Awards in Bell Auditorium

Saturday Schedule


8:30 Rd. 1 PF/LD 9:00-10:30 session 1 Congress

9:30 Rd. 2 PF/LD 11:00-12:30 session 2 Congress

10:45 Rd. 3 PF/LD

12:15 Rd. 4 PF/LD

1:30 Rd. 5 PF/LD

2:45 Finals of VLD and VPF

4:15 Debate Awards in Bell Auditorium