East Versus West

2022 — Rapid City, SD/US

East v West Tournament

OI, IE, Debate, Congress

December 9 & 10 at Rapid City Stevens High School

UPDATED 12/7/22

The Stevens Speech & Debate Team invites you to join us Friday, December 9 and Saturday, December 10 for the next East Vs West Tournament taking place at Stevens High School 4215 Raider Rd, Rapid City, SD 57702. We welcome schools from Hole in the Wall, Northern District, Rushmore District and others in the area. We will offer OI, IE, Debate & Congress events. So talk to the other coaches in your District, build your larger team and plan to make the drive!

IO/IE: Friday competition with a Final round for some events on Saturday during Debate. For Schools only bringing OI/IE competitors on Friday, we are offering Congress on Saturday morning. We’d love to have your students check out Congress in the morning while they wait for Finals. We'll offer a "Holiday" Congress in the afternoon for kids that want to learn more about Congress.


OI:Poetry, Story Telling, Non Original Oratory

IE Novice & Varsity:Drama, Humor, Duo, Original Oratory, Informative, POI, Extemp (Novice, Foreign, Domestic)


On Friday, Students can either register inExtempORCongressOROI/IEs(They can be double entered in OI/IEs, not triple entered.)

Debate Novice, Junior Varsity, Varsity: PF & LD

Novice LD topic Resolved: Civil Disobedience in a democracy is Morally Justified

Junior Varsity, Varsity LD will use the Nov/Dec topic

Novice, Junior Varsity and Varsity PF will use the Nov/Dec topic


Saturday afternoon:

IO/IE Finals

Debate Outrounds

Congress:Saturday Holiday Impromptu

Awards for OI/IE, Debate, Congress -If there are Students that make it to Finals AND ALSO to outrounds in Debate, they will continue on in Debate. Even though they won’t compete in OI/IE, they will be recognized at Awards. We'll also recognize Top Novice if they compete in an event that was combined. We’ll also give a SHOUT OUT to all Graduating Seniors.

CONG: Please submit bills for Congress by Thursday, 12/1/22. We’ll also offer a 3rd“impromptu” round of Congress themed around “the Holidays” for any students interested in jumping into it.Bills will include light hearted topics about Santa and Holiday music, and hopefully be a fun way for students without Congress experience to jump in and see how it works.No need to register for this we will include students that are open on Saturday afternoon. Bills have been mailed to Coaches, let me know if you need them yet.

E V W?

East vs West? We’ll let number of entries determine sides, with the Stevens Team hosting and only filling in gaps of competition if needed on either side. We know this is a long drive for Wyoming and East River Schools, and there are other competitions this same weekend, so we welcome your “B” teams. I’m not sure what it will look like yet, but schools on the winning side will not only get “bragging” rights, but also a some other “mystery” prize. (Stickers! "Resolved: Your mom wishes you were on the Speech & Debate Team" East vs West: BEST SIDE)

JudgesI think we are set with judges! If you have adds or drops yet, please let Charalet Dunnigan and Travis Dahle know.

Hotels - Hoping my activities team can recommend a few that are good to work with for teams coming in town. If you need suggestions, please call Stevens Activities. (605) 394-4010

Howard Johnson downtown Rapid City, by Central High School

Comfort Inn

Best Western


School lets out at 3:20, and the parking lot will be a mad house until 3:40.Please plan to have buses drop off and arrive no earlier than 3:45p.They can drop off in the front of school, students should go straight to the 9thGrade Lunch Room until the General Meeting.

Tentative Schedule:


3:20 – Stevens dismisses from School

3:45 – Bus Drop off at front of school (Park in FRESHMAN LOT on the East side of the building.) Basket ball will be on the West side of the building.

Kids go to 9thgrade lunch room, Judges to Commons

3:45 – 4:15 – Registration in 9thGrade Lunch Room

4pm – Judges Meeting & General Meeting / Welcome (Extempers goto General meeting first.)

4:15 – Extemp Draw – STARTING EARLY!

4:30 – Round 1

(Concessions Dinner offered from 4:30 – 6:30, $5 walking tacos)

4:45 – Extemp Rd 1

5pm – Friday Congress Starts(5-8p, 10 minute break in middle)

5:30 – Extemp Draw

6pm – Round 2 &Extemp Rd 2

7pm – Extemp Draw

7:30 – Round 3 & Extemp Rd 3

9:00 - Finalists announced (Saturday Finals)


7:30 Arrive

7:45 General Meeting & Judges Meeting

8:15Round 1 - Debate

8:30 Saturday Congress Starts (8:30 – 11:30, 10 minute break in middle)

9:30Round 2 - Debate

10:45Round 3 - Debate

Concessions Lunch offered from 11:30 – 1:30, menu TBD, $5 walking tacos)

12:30Round 4 - Debate

1:00 Saturday Holiday Congress(1p – 3p NO need to register, we’ll grab kids that aren’t in other rounds and have bills about the Holiday.)

1:45Round 5 - Debate

3:00 Semi Finals - Debate

3:15 Finals for IEs

415Finals - Debate

530Awards will happen as soon as Tab is complete.

Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you!

Charalet Dunnigan

Head Coach, Stevens OI, IE, Debate, Congress, World Schools

605 787 2690