6th Annual MSU Spartanvitational

2023 — East Lansing, MI/US

Hello coaches and students!

After the tragedy that occurred on our campus on February 13th, Spartan Speech is excited to announce that we will be hosting “The 6th Annual Spartanvitational” Individual Events Tournament for high school and middle school students in East Lansing, on Saturday, April 8, 2023.

Please see the tabs on the right for more detailed information.

Registration: The deadline for registration is 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Entry Fees: These fees primarily cover the cost of tournament administrative expenses and awards.

School Fee $10

Individual Entries $ 8 each

Duo Entries $15 each

Multiple Entries $20 each

Entry fees can be paid online via Venmo: @ Laya-Silverman . When sending funds via Venmo, please list the name of your school in the “What’s it for?” section.

Checks should be made payable to Spartan Speech and can be mailed to 159 Durand St, East Lansing, MI 48823 or brought to the tournament!

Middle School Students / Double Entry: Middle School students are permitted to compete. There are no middle school-specific events. Therefore, middle schoolers will be competing against high schoolers, but judges should be aware that middle school students should be judged using middle-level time. Due to technical concerns, double entries will not be offered at the Spartanvitational.

Drops/Adds/Changes: Contestant drops/adds/changes prior to the registration deadline can be made on tabroom.com without financial penalty. After April 4th at 8 PM, ALL CHANGES must be emailed to Emma Bevier. ( bevierem@msu.edu ) After the deadline, the school is still responsible for payment of initial registration fees, provision of required judges (or equivalent fee), and contestant drop/change fees as follows:

> prior to the tournament will incur a $10.00 fee per drop/add/change

> day of the tournament will incur a $20.00 fee per drop/add/change

Schedule: Please see the "Schedule of Events" tab for our tentative schedule. Limited Prep students must be in their respective prep rooms (Wells B110F, B110G, B110H) at 7:45 am. The General Meeting will be live and in Wells Hall B117 at 8 AM!

Judges: Schools must provide 1 judge per 5 entries OR hire judges to cover their obligations. Duos & Multiples count as 2 entries. All judges must meet the criteria to be a volunteer at your school. If you are unable to provide the required number of judges for your school, judges may be hired through Spartan Speech at $100 per judge.

Parking: Please see the "Maps" tab for more information. Please note: if your school is planning to travel by bus, please let Laya know so arrangements can be made.

Food: Coaches will receive student lunch tickets in an envelope in their school folder. Students without a ticket can still purchase these on their own at dining hall doors for $12 plus tax.Three dining halls we recommend students utilize are Shaw Hall, Case Hall and Snyder/Phillips Hall (in order by proximity). Please see the "Maps" tab for more information.

Limited Prep:

Impromptu quotes and resolutions will originate from the theme "green", with one quote in the prelim rounds specifically originating from Michigan State University.

There will be one prelim round of Extemp / Duo Commentary with critical questions pertaining to Michigan State. It is in your student’s best interest to have a basic idea of MSU-related topics.

Duo Commentary themes:Controversial Characters, MSU, Love Triangles, Social Media

With the new broadcasting rules, students should prep their broadcast prior to the tournament. Students will have 15 minutes to prep their editorial for each round. Broadcasters can anticipate one MSU-related editorial during prelims.