Katy ISD Novice Night 2

2022 — Katy, TX/US

Welcome to Katy ISD Novice Night #2!

This tournament is only open to schools in Katy Independent School District. It will be hosted in person at Seven Lakes High School on November 2, 2022. Any other entries will be deleted.


PF and LD will use the November/December 2022 NSDA topics.

PF: Resolved: The United States' strategy of Great Power Competition produces more benefits than harms.

LD: Resolved: The People's Republic of China ought to prioritize environmental protection over economic growth.


R1 will be Impromptu.

R2: TFA #1 - This House regrets the rise of fast fashion.


Congressional Debate will be limited to the following bills from the Fall 2022 TFA Docket:

7 - A Bill to Create an Arctic Fleet

10 - A Resolution to Minimize Space Traffic

16 - A Resolution to Support Ukraine Membership into NATO

23 - A Resolution to Ban Landmines

28 - A Bill to End the 1122 and 1033 Programs to Demilitarize the Police


Round 1 - America!

Round 2 - The World!

Round 3 - Nifty November!


Round 1 - Disney

Round 2 - Einstein

Round 3 - Harry Potter


4:15-4:30 - Arrive, Check in, get situated

4:45 pm - Round 1 PF, LD, Speech, Congress session begins, WSD Impromptu Prep

5:45 pm - WSD Round 1 Impromptu

6:00 pm - Round 2 PF, LD, Speech

By 6:45 pm Congress should recess for dinner

Dinner Break between R2 and R3 (or R1 and R2 of WSD)

7:30 pm - Round 3 PF, LD, Speech, WSD Prepared

8:15 pm - Hard stop Congress