ONW Novice Classic

2022 — Olathe, KS/US

This is a limited-services tournament on Saturday, November 5.

We will have a full concession stand including a lunch option. We will not offer a hospitality room. Each school will receive a free lunch for their sponsor and driver only.

Medals will be "frankenmedals" from our drawer of goodies.

Two divisions:

Novice Caselist - argumentation limited to what's in the NDCA novice packet. Intended for debaters with 0 or 1 prior tournaments; at this point in the season we feel strongly that your more experienced novices should be debating without the caselist. However, we will not disqualify any novice from this division and will defer to coaching decisions about who to enter here.

Novice Open - no restrictions on argumentation or evidence.

All teams should strive to bring 1 judge per 2 teams at a minimum. Advanced students who you trust, who meet either the NSDA or KSHSAA standard, are welcome and encouraged to judge. Judges should have Tabroom.com accounts and plan to use online balloting.

Tentative Schedule

Round 1 - 8:00

Round 2 - 9:45

Round 3 - 11:30

Round 4 - 1:15

Round 5 - 3:00

Awards - immediately after round 5