Blake School Fall Worlds Zoom

2022 — Online, MN/US

Reminder -- nothing is on NSDA or tabroom other than the pairings. We are doing the entire tournament inside of the zoom link I sent out.

Talk to your coaches for that link.



In order to provide more online worlds tournaments Blake is hosting a fall tournament. I will open registration by Sunday Sept 25.  

Novice Worlds -- 1 prepared motion -- both sides on Friday Oct 21, followed by 3 impromptu rounds on Saturday.

Varsity Worlds -- 2 impromptu rounds Friday, followed by 3 impromptu rounds on Saturday.

No entry fees but you need to bring a judge or let me know and I may be able to hire a judge for $100 a day.

No elims and certificates for team awards and speaker awards. 

We may see if we can do a final demo round between the top two teams.  I'm even thinking about making the zoom prep hour viewable by observers and then a final round.

Hybrid teams with a clear adult coach/contact are welcome.  School-based and new school based teams are wildly encouraged.