Utah Speech Arts

2023 — Kearns, UT/US

Utah UDCA Speech Arts

(Please Note: This is for Utah Schools Only.)

January 6-7, 2003

Kearns High School (IN PERSON)

$25 School Fee Overall If your UDCA Fees are paid


1 Entry per event level: Novice, JV, Varsity, Championship (2 entries if a combined division)

ALL LEVEL DUO--May have up to 4 entries per school.(if we have enough, we could split to Varsity/Championship and JV/Novice

Double Entry Between Speech and Debate Events Allowed EXCEPT POLICY

Double Entry in Speech Events Allowed--EXCEPT Extemp


Speech 1:6

Debate 1:2

Congress 1:4


Friday Speech and Policy

3:30 Extemp prep/Judge Instructions

4pm Round 1 Speech 4pm Round 1 Policy

5pm Round 2 Speech 6:30pm Round 2 Policy

6:30pm Round 3 Speech

8pm Finals Round Speech

Saturday Schedule

8:00am Judge Instructions

8:30am Round 1 Debate Session 1 Congress Round 3 CX

9:30am Round 2 Debate

10:30am Round 3 Debate Round 4 CX

11:30am Round 4 Debate

12:30pm Elim 1 Debate Session 2 Congress Elim 1 CX

2:00pm Elim 2 Debate 2:30pm Elim 2 CX

3:00pm Elim 3 Debate

4:30pm Awards