2022 JCCC Fall CARD

2022 — Overland Park, KS/US


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2022 CARD Debate Tournament
Hosted by Johnson County Community College
October 15 – 16, 2022


Dear colleagues and friends,

We would like to cordially invite you to the 2022 Collegiate Advocacy Research and Debate hybrid tournament hosted by Johnson County Community College on October 15th and 16th.  We look forward to you joining us in person in Overland Park, KS or online for a great weekend of debate competition, community building, and a series of new innovative awards!

We are confident this event can provide an important service to students who are interested in challenging evidence-based debate that is realistic and accessible and grounded in a positive community experience. 

JCCC is committed to bring you and your students to the table for what should be a great event. We are happy to talk about discounting fees, providing topic resources, or even access to our debate research to help your students get prepared. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about the format or the tournament in October. 



Justin Stanley

Director of Debate 


2022 JCCC “Coaliton for Advocacy Research and Debate” Tournament 


Event Description:


“Collegiate Advocacy Research and Debate” (CARD) is a format that seeks to produce a student-centered debate experience that is rooted in evidence and rigor and yet accessible and realistic for students with increasing demands on their time, resources, and attention. There are four major goals the format hopes to achieve. First, it seeks to immerse students in scholarly literature related to pressing social and political controversies. Second, it seeks to develop student skill in building, testing, and critiquing arguments synthesized from that literature and honing their ability to do so in front of a diversity of educated audiences. Third, it seeks to develop skills related to critical and strategic thinking. Finally, the format emphasizes the educational and social benefits of debate through community-building and a deemphasis on some traditional facets of tournament debating.


The event utilizes a collectively sourced article packet of scholarship that has been cultivated by participating students, traditional policy debate speech sequences with shorter times, and a communicatively centered theory of argumentation to guide debates. A full description of the event and its theoretical norms are located here. It is worth nothing that the norms described therein are not intended as a set of exhaustive rules that speak to what students may or may not do, but rather a set of aspirational norms that reflect the goals of the activity.


2022 Fall Resolution:


The topic for the 2022 Fall term is:


Resolved:  The criminal justice system in the United States should implement one of the following: community oriented policing; restrictions on plea bargaining; or elimination of private prisons.


Article Library Details & Guidelines:


Participants can utilize any portion of any article listed in the established article packet. Full-text articles in the packet are available via a shared dropbox. Please email justinstanley1@gmail.com or traviscram@gmail.com to inquire about access.

Articles in the library should conform to the following guidelines:


  1. Peer-reviewed scholarship published within the last 10 years.

  2. Journal articles or book chapters only (a book chapter counts the same as a journal article).

  3. Must have 4A or the key topic phrases/ideas in the title or abstract.

  4. For articles that don’t fit all those parameters but may still serve an important purpose, schools must provide a paragraph explaining what they think their contribution does to develop themes in the packet and debates, and how it could/should be used.


Submissions should use the following guidelines for ease of use and consistency:

  1. Submissions must include a full-text PDF document of their contribution.

  2. Submissions a full APA citation for the article, author qualifications, and sentence or two about what type of argument they construct, the basic thesis of the argument and the affirmative/negative potential of the article.


Tournament Location and Travel:  The Tournament will be held at Johnson County Community College.  Students may also participate online.  JCCC is located at 12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS.    Participants flying into Kansas City should fly into Kansas City International Airport (MCI).   If you would like a shuttle to and from the airport, we recommend KCI Super shuttle https://www.supershuttle.com/locations/kansascity-mci/.   


You will need to either rent a vehicle or utilize ride share apps on you arrive in Overland Park.  Overland Park, KS has very limited public transportation.  


Tournament Information and Awards:


The tournament will be hybrid, meaning students will allowed to compete on JCCC’s campus or virtually from a location outside Overland Park.  All students who choose to attend the tournament in person are expected to compete in an assigned JCCC classroom. We will attempt to pair similar modality participants in the first 2 rounds.   If both teams are in-person, a judge will be assigned who is in-person.  


The tournament will offer 5 preliminary rounds and one final round. If sufficient entries allow, the tournament may utilize multiple divisions based on student experience. 


The tournament will determine round outcomes via traditional win/loss record, but speaker points will not be utilized. Instead, judges will be asked to rate students on 10-point interval scales based upon their performance in the four learning outcome areas: a) use of evidence, b) analysis, c) communication, and d) community-building. Each outcome should be assessed based upon the individual student’s performance in that round. Ties are allowed and the winning team does not need to “outscore” their opponents. This data will not be used in determining subsequent seeding in the bracket.


In addition to recognizing final round participants, the tournament will recognize participants with the following awards:


  1. The top two students in each of the following categories:

  1. “Excellence in Evidence”

  2. “Excellence in Analysis”

  3. “Excellence in Communication”

  4. “Excellence in Community-building”


  1. The top two novice debaters (defined as a student with less than one year of competitive debate experience).

Registration Requirements, Deadlines, and Details:


Registration is open to any enrolled undergraduate student who is participating as a representative for the university or college’s debate or forensics program. All students participating at the tournament should be briefed on the organizational and judging norms by their coaches. 


Registration for the tournament will take place on Tabroom.com: 


The deadline for entries is Tuesday, October 11 at 5 pm PST. All fees will be assessed at that time. If there are changes to your roster that are required after the deadline, please contact jstanl26@jccc.edu or matthewjvega@gmail.com


Judging Policy:


The tournament does intend to hire as many high-quality judges as is feasible, but directors should operate under the assumption that they will cover their entries. If you are facing a unique hardship in complying with this policy, please contact us directly so we can hopefully find an accommodation. Your judges must have read and agree to uphold the judging guidelines of the event. 


Each debate judge covers 2 teams.


Fees and Payment Information: 


We will utilize the following fee schedule. If fees represent a difficult budgetary hurdle or this is your first tournament participating in the event, we may be able to waive or reduce your fees. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at jstanl26@jccc.edu


Debate teams: $50 per team.


Payment can be made via check, cash or online.  Details for paying fees online will be available closer to the tournament  


Parking:  Schools in attendance can park in any non-restricted spot on campus.  The closes parking to competition rooms will be in the Midwest Trust Center Main parking lot  on the North side of campus. 


Wireless Access: Students debating on campus should connect to the JCCC guest network.   


Campus common sense: Please communicate two important things to your participants who are competing on campus: First, don’t touch technology or move anything in the classrooms other than seats. That includes unplugging things. Second, students, coaches, and judges need to constantly police each other in keeping campus clean! Make sure trash goes in trash cans, and recyclables and compostables go to their correct bins. Classroom seats should be placed back as they were found and all trash removed after each competition. 


Meals provided:  JCCC will provide coffee on Saturday and Sunday and Lunch Saturday for participants in attendance.  We will not provide breakfast on campus on either day.  There are numerous options within walking distance from campus. 


Lodging options: There will not be a central tournament hotel. There are a number of hotels within a 5-15 minute drive of campus. If this is your first time to Overland Park for the competition and you would like recommendations (or warnings of places to stay away from), contact us directly.


Campus Maps and Directions to Campus: We’d guess most of you will simply consult your GPS.  You should put in the Midwest Trust Center for the most accurate directions of where to park on campus.  


Schedule:   Tournament Schedule can be found here