City of Trees Varsity Opener 2022

2022 — Boise, ID/US

Where: Borah High School, 6001 Cassia

Tournament Registration and Fees:  The last day for registration is Wednesday October 19. 

Fees: $5 per competitor

Drops after Thursday October 20 will incur a $50 drop fee.


Topics: LD/PF will use the Sept/Oct topics. Congress will use the bills found in the D3 Fall 2022 Legislation Packet.

Tournament Schedule:

This is an approximate tournament schedule.  Rounds may begin sooner or later depending on judge availability. LD/PF may be single flighted if possible.   Semi-Finals and Finals will be single flighted if possible in LD/PF.


Round 1: 8:00 AM

Round 2: 10:00 AM

Round 3: 12:00 PM

Round 4: 2:00 PM

Round 5: 3:30 PM

Semi-Finals: 5:30 PM

Finals: 7:30 PM

Congress Schedule

Session 1: 8:30 AM

Session 2: 12:30 PM

Supers: 4:45 PM

We will also have a joint Sweepstakes award with the Borah Novice Tournament. (There will be no standalone sweeps for CoT)   For the joint sweepstakes the top 3 entries from each team in each event (maximum 12 entries) will be included for sweepstakes points.  In LD/PF/CX a win will earn 2 points, a loss will earn 1 point.  In Congress an overall session rating in the top 3 will earn 4 points, a overall rating of 4-8 will earn 3 points, 9+ will earn 2 points.  Entries which clear to elimination rounds will earn 2 points for a loss in Elims and 4 points for a win.  In order to be eligible for sweepstakes a school must compete at BOTH tournaments. 


There will be limited concessions available for students and judges.  There will also be a food truck available to purchase food. 


 Varsity Debaters may be asked to allow novice debaters to shadow them- watching rounds and discussing them during down time.  Varsity Debaters are expected to be accommodating and assist in the education of Novice Students.