Madison Invitational


Welcome to the 2022 Madison Invitational!

We are so excited to see you all this year!

We will be running all Idaho Speech and Debate Events. Because we're early in the season, we will offer SPAR for those individuals who haven't yet prepped a real speech event.

-Debate events will focus on the November/December topics. Students in NCX should limit plans to the Idaho Policy topic areas; however, we invite them to add evidence to further enhance their cases.

-Please submit up to three bills from congress in Word or Google Docs prior to October 23, so we can get our docket out soon. Send bills to

-As we get to about a week away from the tournament, we may choose to merge some speech events depending on entries. We realize we're early in the season, and some teams may not be ready, yet.

Once again, fees are $5 for individual events and $8 for partner events.



2:00-2:30 Registration

2:30-3:00 Judges’ and Students’ Meetings

3:00-4:30 Round 1 Speech

4:30-6:00 Round 2 Speech

6:00-7:30 Round 3 Speech

7:30-9:00 Speech Finals


8:30-9:00 Check-in

9:00-11:00 Round 1 Debate                       9:00-11:30 Congress Session 1

11:00-1:00 Round 2 Debate                       11:45-2:15 Congress Session 2 

1:00-3:00   Round 3 Debate        

3:30-5:30  Hidden Quarters Debate           2:30-5:15  Super Congress

6:00 Awards Ceremony

6:30-7:30 Semis Debate

7:30-9:00 Finals Debate