Gate City Invitational Tournament

2022 — Pocatello, ID/US

Welcome to the 2022 Gate City Invitational Tournament!

We look forward to seeing you at Highland High School November 11th and 12th. Our tournament seeks to provide a low-cost ($5 per person in an entry), high quality experience for coaches, competitors, and judges.

Speech On Friday November 11th

This year, all IHSAA speech events will be offered except Panel Discussion. This includes HI, DI, POI, DUO, Sales, ADS, Extemp, Impromptu, OO, Info, CA, Retold, Radio. All offered speech events will be an open division, with three rounds and finals. Double entry is allowed, but no competitor may enter two draw events. As per tradition and as a way to encourage novice to compete in open speech, the top novice competitor in every speech event will be recognized as the "Top Novice."


Check in: 2:45pm-3:00pm

Opening Assembly (Cafeteria)-3:10pm

Judges Meeting (Library)-3:20pm

Speech Round 1: 3:45pm-5:15pm (Draw at 3:30pm)

Speech Round 2: 5:15-6:45 (Draw at 5:00pm)

Speech Round 3: 6:45-8:15 (Draw at 6:30pm)

Finals: 8:30pm-9:45pm (Draw at 8:15pm)

Debate On Saturday November 12th

This year, we will be offering Novice, Junior Varsity, and Varsity divisions in LD and PF. Policy Debate will have Novice and Open divisions. The Debate portion of the tournament is a round robin competition--there will be five prelims, with awards going to the top 8 seeds in all divisions. We will be offering an open division in Congressional Debate. Congress will have three general sessions. The top 8 in each chamber will receive awards, as will the top novice in each chamber.


Check in: 8:15-8:30am

Debate Round 1: 8:45am-10:45am

Congress Session 1: 9:00am-12:00pm (Includes P.O. elections + Setting Docket)

Debate Round 2: 10:45am-12:45pm

Lunch: 12:45pm-1:15pm

Congress Session 2: 12:30pm-3:30pm

Debate Round 3: 1:15pm-3:15pm

Debate Round 4: 3:15pm-5:15pm

Congress Session 3: 4:00pm-7:00pm

Debate Round 5: 5:15pm-7:15pm

Awards: 7:45pm

Sign up soon please as events may be dropped/combined if they don't get enough entries!

Novice Policy Debate Rules

If there are fewer than 8 novice policy entries, the divisions will be combined. However, JV/Varsity students debating novice partnerships will be required to follow the novice policy debate rules to ensure accessibility to the activity.

Novice Policy Debaters must exclusively use evidence from the 2022-2023 Idaho Novice Packet at this tournament. The packet can be found here:

Teams on the Affirmative may choose from one of four plan areas: Restrict Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS), Ban Offensive Cyber Operations (OCOs), Ban Human Germline Genetic Engineering (HGGE), Fund Vaccine Research.

Teams on the Negative must disprove the Affirmative's argument that their plan should be adopted. Negative teams may but are not required to read any generic Disadvantage (NATO Commitment, Iran Deal Politics, Strategic Concept Alignment) or Topicality (Security Cooperation T) arguments from the packet against any of the four plans they may debate in the 1NC. Negative teams also may but are not required to read a specific Disadvantage (Civilian Casualties against LAWS, Enemy Disruption against OCOs, Genetic Diseases against HGGE, Competitive Vaccine Development against Vaccines) and/or specific Topicality arguments (Increase T against LAWS/OCOs/HGGE, Autonomous T against LAWS, Cybersecurity T against OCOs, Bioengineering T against HGGE, Cooperation T against Vaccines, Bioscience T against Vaccines) in the 1NC.

Counterplans and Kritiks are not allowed in the novice policy division at the Gate City Invitational.


Debate Topics

Congress Docket:

Open/Novice LD will use the Nov/Dec NSDA Topic: The People's Republic of China ought to prioritize environmental protection over economic growth.

Open/Novice PF will use the Nov/Dec NSDA Topic: The United States Strategy of Great Power Competition produces more benefits than harms.

Novice*/Open Policy will use the 2022-2023 NSDA topic: The United States federal government should substantially increase its security cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in one or more of the following areas: Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Cybersecurity.

Extemp Topic Areas

Round 1

United States-The Legislative Branch


Round 2

United States-U.S. Economics

International-Central and South America

Round 3

United States-Education

International-East & Southeast Asia


United States-Energy and Environment

International-Global Organizations

Impromptu Topic Categories

Round 1-Abstract Words

Round 2-Quotes

Round 3-Current Events

Round 4-One Word, One Quote, One Current Event



Judges are essential for running our tournament. Schools MUST bring the required number of judges to this tournament, paying judge fines is not a replacement for fulfilling your judge obligations. Schools need to bring 1 judge for every 5 speech entries, 5 congress entries, 4 LD entries, 4 PF entries, and 2 CX entries, or portion thereof.

Schools that show up without enough judges to meet their obligation will be required to drop entries until they are covered. No Exceptions.

Online Ballots

All judging/ballots will be done online at this tournament. That means all judges that are entered by a school must 1) have access to an electronic device that can connect to the internet and use the tabroom website 2) have a tabroom account that is linked to their judge profile and 3) be approved for online judging by the coach that is bringing them to the tournament.

Judges Lounge/Tabroom Food

The Judges Lounge and Tabroom will be provided with 3 meals, Dinner on Friday, and then Breakfast & Lunch on Saturday. Due to Saturdays early finish time for judges (7:15pm) we will not be providing dinner.

Host Notes


1800 Bench Rd, Pocatello, ID 83201


We will provide physical maps with team folders at the check-in table. Here is a Digital Copy

COVID Safety

Students, Coaches, Judges, etc. are encouraged but not be required to wear a mask if they are experiencing symptoms of and/or have been exposed to COVID-19 within two weeks of attending the tournament. Individuals that test positive within two weeks of the tournament SHOULD NOT attend and will have their fees waived if they are dropped after deadlines upon informing the tournament staff.


Concessions will be offered, students and teams are encouraged to bring cash for various food, beverages, and snacks.


We'd like to give a HUGE thank you to the sponsors of our tournament this year for their generous contributions that make the competition possible.

Speech Events:

After Dinner Speaking-Tyra and Michael Blair Communication Analysis-(In memory of Miles Stirewalt) Dramatic Interpretation-Chel Querubin Duo Interpretation-Madison Rose Pritchard Extemporaneous Speaking-Charlee Wambolt Humorous Interpretation-(In memory of Travis Hopkins) Impromptu Speaking-Josh Mansfield Informative Speaking-Kasey Moulton Original Oratory-Shannon Mullinix Program of Oral Interpretation-Glenda Funk Radio Speaking-Logan Potter Retold Story-Reading With The Queens Sales Speaking-(In memory of Lucille Moore) Debate Event Divisions: Novice Policy- Varsity Policy-Jack Bradley Novice Public Forum-Kyra Finner and Idaho Central Credit Union JV Public Forum-Destyni Glodo Varsity Public Forum-Kaden Marchetti Novice Lincoln Douglas-Jack Quigley JV Lincoln Douglas-Luke Smith Varsity Lincoln Douglas-(Reserved) Congressional Debate-Lyssa Schei Davids