Johns Creek Wellstone Opener

2022 — Atlanta, GA/US

"We all do better when we all do better" ~Paul Wellstone


Due to the Northview building conflict, Johns Creek is hosting a "no frills" one-day tournament on Saturday, September 17th. We will offer competition in Rookie Policy Debate, Novice Policy Debate, JV Policy Debate, Novice Public Forum Debate, and Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate.

Additional details:

1. There will be three rounds of debate in Policy. There will be four rounds of debate in LD and Public Forum. There will be no elimination rounds. The schedule is posted on the side bar.

2. Experienced fourth year debaters are welcome to judge in the JV division. Experienced third and fourth year debaters are welcome to judge in the novice divisions. Extremely experienced second year debaters are welcome to judge in the rookie division.

3. We will not have hired judging available.

4. We will provide certificates to the top teams and individual speakers.

5. We will sell pizza and offer complimentary bottled water for lunch (for both debaters and coaches/judges). Please feel free to bring your own lunch and/or snacks if you have other dietary needs.

6. Entry fees are $20 per entry. Please make checks payable to "Johns Creek Debate Team" and bring them to registration.

7. We consider this to be a teaching tournament, especially for the new novice and rookie debaters. Along with an exhortation to judges to please be kind in general, and focus on the positives they saw in round, we are asking that no novice round be stopped early for any decorum breeches regarding clipping or other evidence issues. If clipping is observed in the round on a repeated basis throughout the speech or round, please feel free to briefly pause the debate to explain (as nicely as possible) to the competitors in question that what they are doing is not correct, and allow them to correct it in the next speech. 

If you have any questions, please email Maggie Berthiaume at

We look forward to hosting you!

Ben Schultz, Maggie Berthiaume, and Adam Smiley