Rosemount Irish Invitational

2022 — Rosemount, MN/US

Rosemount Debate welcomes you to the Irish Invitational on Saturday, Oct. 1.  It is our intention to offer competition in policy, LD, public forum, and congressional debate.  The site is open for entries and we look forward to hosting you in person at Rosemount High School.  

We recently made the decision to double-flight LD & PF so that we can accommodate more entries.  We believe we have a schedule that will allow us to offer four rounds in those events and not run too late.  Please help us out by making sure that your students and judges know how to operate in a flighted format.  

Our anticipated schedule will be: 

Registration 7:45 am

Congress session 1 8:30 am

LD & PF rd 1 8:30 (double flighted)

Policy rd 1 8:45 am

LD & PF rd 2 10:15 am (double flighted)

Congress lunch 11:00 am

Policy rd 2 11:00 am

LD & PF lunch, eat during your off flight

Congress session 2 12:00 pm

LD & PF rd 3 12:15 pm (double flighted)

Policy lunch 1:00 pm

Policy rd 3 1:30 pm

LD & PF rd 4 2:30 pm (double flighted)

Congress finals 2:45 pm

Awards--hopefully by 4:45 pm