Skyhawk Smackdown

2022 — Salem, UT/US

Skyhawk Smackdown


DebateFriday:  L/D, Public Forum, Policy and Congress.  Varsity LD and PF will be single-flighted for 5 rounds.


Individual Events (Saturday only)

Pattern A: Spar, HI, Oratory, Parliamentary, Poetry, Novice Mixed Extemp, Informative

Pattern B: Impromptu, DI, Duo, Declamation, Character Spar, Varsity Mixed Extemp, BQ

Asynchronous: Freedom Speech, News Anchor, Lip Sync---All prepared events may be entered asynchronously through The Skyhawk Smackdown Online tournament as well

We reserve the right to collapse divisions if needed. Particularly in extemp and interp events.

Lip Sync:  We will have a Lip Sync competition in the cafeteria Jimmy Fallon style at the end of the third round Saturday while we tabulate final results.  Music and any dance moves must be school appropriate.  No cursing. Winner will be chosen by the loudest applause and given some sort of cheesy repurposed trophy.  It should be fun and entertain your kids while we tally up final results.


NEW: We will be awarding a Soaring Skyhawk (Ultimate Warrior? Still working on the name) award for the students with the most NSDA points earned from all events both in-person and online. Make sure to look at both tournaments and async events to max out your opportunities.




LD & PF--Varsity                 CONGRESS              LD & PF—Novice and Policy (N and V)

Rd1: 3:15-4:15                                    RD1: 3:30-5:30                   Rd1—3:15-5:15

Rd2: 4:15-5:15                                    Break: 5:30-6:30                 Rd2---5:15-7:15

Rd3: 5:15-6:15                                    RD 2 6:30-8:30                   Rd3---7:15-9:00

Dinner 6:15-7                      

Rd4: 7-8

Rd5: 8-9


Panel A:                                  Panel B:

Rd1: 8:00-9:15                    9:15-10:30

Rd2: 10:30-11:45                11:45-1:00

Lunch 1:00-1:30                  1:00-1:15

Rd3: 1:30-2:45                    2:45-4:00

4:00-4:30  Lip Sync

Awards  4:30-5:00 in the cafeteria!


Please register by Saturday November 9th if possible.  I will accept registration up until Wednesday November 13th at 3:30PM.  Due to the increase in size, early registrations are recommended.


Judge Requirements:

FRIDAY JUDGES:  One judge for every TWO Varsity PF, LD, and Policy Teams. One judge for every THREE novice PF and LD.  1Judge for every 5 Congress competitors.  Due to the unique nature of single-flighting Varsity LD and PF, any schools without their full judge compliment will have their Varisty LD and PF entries receive a Bye-Loss for every round we are short judges. Example, a school with 3 varisity entries is required to have 2 judges, but they only bring 1 judge.  One of their entries (not all three) will receive a “Bye-Loss” for every round we are short judges.


SATURDAY JUDGES: One judge for every 5 IE’s, Except Parliamentary one judge for every four teams or portion thereof.


Salem’s Unique Events:


Character Spar: This unique event is Spar with a twist.  In addition to be given three topics to choose from, each competitor will be given a list of three characters (Drill Sargent, Robin Williams and Pres. Obama).  They must choose one and spar as the character they chose.  A regular Spar ballot will be used with an additional column covering how well they debated in character.


News Anchor: In this event competitors present the news (real or fictional) as a news anchor or news anchor team.  The news can be presented in a serious nature if you choose.  However, satirical news presentations in the vein of Steven Colbert or John Stewart are preferred.  5-10 minutes.




Selection of topics (Proposition strikes one of the topics; the Opposition then strikes a topic. The remaining topic will be debated.) Teams will have 15 minutes to prep. Have one team stay in the room, the other can leave to prep.

First Proposition Constructive: 7 minutes

First Opposition Constructive: 7 minutes

Second Proposition Constructive: 7 minutes

Second Opposition Constructive: 7 minutes

Opposition Rebuttal: 5 minutes

Proposition Rebuttal: 5 minutes


Poetry: Competitors can alternate between poetry and prose, but it is not required.  They can do the same poetry piece or prose all three rounds.  We will use the ballot on the UDCA website.  Pieces should be 4-7 minutes.


Declamation: This is a 5-7 minute speech given in a public setting by a prominent individual.  It should be 5-7 minutes long.  We will use the ballot on the UDCA website.


Freedom Speech: This unique event is meant to promote the Freedom Foundations speech contest that is held in November.  The speech should be 4-6 minutes.  There will be a $25 prize for the winner of the Smackdown. 
All students are encouraged to enter the Freedom Festival Speech contest.  1st place is $600.  Places 1-6 will win a minimum of $100.  The topic is,   
“May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.”  Peter Marshall



Double Entry:

Double, triple, and even quadruple entering is encouraged! However, you do so at your risk. We will not hold up the tournament. If you are entered in parliamentary debate you should not double enter. Double entering in extemp and BQ is discouraged. We have had several students successfully enter in 4-5 events per pattern. They were very busy and had a blast!