EBDL Fall Jamboree

2022 — Dublin, CA/US

Jamboree Flier

 The Jamboree is intended as a Novice-only tournament. Judge training will be offered for any new judges seeking an opportunity to work in middle school debate. 



Reminders/General Announcements:

The transition from online to in-person debate is a rough one. Please be patient with your judges, coaches, and tournament directors. 

The easiest tabroom troubleshoot is to hit your email in the top right. If you are a debater, hit entries, and if you are a judge, hit judging. 


Only 3 POIs per speaker, i.e. when the other team is speaking, your team as a whole can only attempt 3 POIs total PER speaker

No POIs during the first and last minute of each 5-minute speech and during the third speech

No new arguments the last two rebuttal speeches; opposing team can call out the violation by saying “no new arguments”

15 second grace period for any issues.

Be prepared to self-time since it will be difficult to see time signals from the judge.

There should be NO filming/recording of debates.  Doing so will disqualify you from participating in this tournament and possibly future tournaments if the violator is persistent. 


When filling out the ballot, please make sure that you are matching the score to the speaker. (If a speaker doesn't show up, the judge should average the two scores of the speaker who went twice and give a score of 68 to the absent name)

If tabroom asks, hit start round before the actual round starts to ensure that you can submit your ballot