Lake Travis Cavalier Classic TFA

2022 — Lake Travis, TX/US

CX will utilize the 2022-2023 topic as follows: The United States federal government should substantially increase its security cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in one or more of the following areas: artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity.

For Novice CX, we will expect teams to adhere to the 2022-2023 NDCA Novice Packet which can be found here (with teaching resources!):

PF: Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase its investment in high-speed rail.

LD: Resolved: The United States ought to implement a single-payer universal healthcare system.

Congress: We will be utilizing the TFA Fall Docket which can be found here:

Prelims: 6-10

Finals: 11-15


Novice Extemp will be US Politics / Social Issues

World Schools Debate (prepared): 

Rd 1: This House supports rent control legislation.

Rd 2: This House believes that states should contruct data-based profiles of their citizens (e.g. the social credit system in China).

Semifinals: This House supports the right of teachers to unionize.


Interested judges should fill out the following form: