Foster Fulshear Back to School Swing

2022 — Richmond, TX/US

July 2022

Dear TFA Community,

Welcome back! We are so thrilled to be hosting the Houston area speech and debate community again to kick of this new school year. 

Some important details:

The tourney will be hosted at Foster High School. We will swing all Speech and interp events and Congress. We will host one World Schools and Debate Tourney.

Please remind your students before arriving at Foster about courtesy. Our students have not traveled to each others spaces in A LONG time and may need to be reminded of how to treat others spaces.

We plan to use electronic ballots. Coaches and Judges will need to be a device to use to judge. If this is a challenge, we will have laptops available for use.

Those interested in judging should see the info on the Judge page. 

Students must be registered with a school to compete. No independent registrations will be accepted. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Kendra Willeby at or Kasey Willeby at

We are thrilled to host the 2022 TFA Family Reunion!


Kendra and Kasey Willeby, Foster High School

Troy Menn and Nick Farco, Fulshear High School