The Novice Async Speech Tournament

2022 — Lennox, SD/US

Welcome to the asynchronous novice tournament.  This is an opportunity for 1st year students to record a speech and get comments for the recoding.  We do not offer awards at this tournament.  I am charging $.50 per entry to help off-set the cost of running it on Tabroom.  We will offer informative, original oratory, and extemporaneous speaking as asynchronous events.

Students must have all links to the recordings available and uploaded by December 6.  The rounds will be open for judges to starting around 10 AM on December 7 and will need to be finished by December 8 at 6PM. Coaches are responsible for their judges to complete judging their rounds by the required times.  I do not have any judges available for hire.

In extemporaneous, students choose ONE of the four questions below and give the speech over that question.  The questions:

  1. Should the United States government make public post-secondary education free to all qualifying students?
  2. Can the Federal Reserve control inflation without causing a painful recession?
  3. What more should developed countries do to fight climate change?
  4. Is China's economy at risk of stagnant growth or shrinkage in the next decade?

Speech Times-

Informative and Original Oratory- No minimum and 10 minute maximum with 30 second grace period.

Extemporaneous speaking- No minimum and 7 minute maximum with 30 second grace period.