Golden Eagle Cup

2022 — Aberdeen, SD/US

Aberdeen Central High School is proud to host the Golden Eagle Cup invitational at Aberdeen Central High School. On Friday we are offering IEs and Congress. On Saturday we have 5 rounds of debate and offer 3 division of LD and PF. We will be using the Nov/Dec. LD and Public Forum topic. There is also Congress as well with a few new bills compared to Friday. 

Judges are available for hire at $100 a judge per day. Student can be triple entered if one of their three events is Readers Theater. 

Events follow the SDHSAA rules- If is it is an NSDA event- it follows the NSDA rules as well.  

We are excited to host this year and look forward to seeing you all at the CUP! 


Golden Eagle Cup Schedule 

School is in session until 3:20 on Friday. Do NOT enter academic wings prior to 3:20 unless you are escorted by a CHS members. Please use the WEST doors of the school. 


Friday, Nov 4, 2022

2:30- Registration 

2:45- General Meeting 

3:00- Extemp Draw and Readers Theater Presents 

3:30- Round 1 IE’s Present & Congress 

4:30- Extemp Draw and RT Presents 

5:00- Round 2 IEs Present & Congress 

6:00- Ext Draw & RT Presents 

6:30- Round 3 IEs Presents & Congress 

7:20- Awards in Thomas F Kelly Theater 


Saturday Nov 5, 2022 

9:30- Round 1 Debate (Preset) 

10:45- Round 2 Debate (Preset) 

11:45- Round 3 Debate (Preset) 

1:15- Round 4 Debate (Hi/Lo)

2:30- Round 5 Debate (Hi/Lo)

4:30- Awards 


Saturday Congress 

  • Congress Session 1 10:00-12:30 

  • Congress Session 2 1:00-3:00