Marist Scrimmage Series 3

2021 — Online, GA/US

Thank you for your interest in registering for the VIRTUAL Marist Scrimmage Series # 3.  This afternoon debate series is intended for NEW debaters to PRACTICE prior to competitions.  


-- GFCA packet novice policy division (restrictions explained below)
-- GFCA packet rookie policy division (restrictions explained below)
-- Middle School Public Forum division (November-December topic)
-- Middle School Prepared Prompt Speaking (asynchronous - topics released on Monday, speeches due Tuesday 11:59pm)


There is no cost for you!  Entry is completely free as long as you provide one judge for every two teams or fraction thereof. 

The event will be hosted through a Zoom Room Management System where the zoom link will be provided to coaches and competitors the day of the competition.  We recommend each competitor have the most updated zoom software in order for them to place themselves into breakout rooms.


9:00am EST -- Round 1 and 2 of Asynchronous Speech published (ballots due by 6:00pm)
4:30pm EST -- Round 1 of Policy Divisions (Pairings will be blasted at 4:00pm EST)
4:30pm EST -- Round 1 of MS Public Forum Divisions


Policy Debate will debate the 2021-2022 NFHS policy debate topic. Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase protection of its water resources in the United States.

Our novice policy division is intended for first year policy debaters. We will continue use a spreadsheet prior to the tournament to help identify each team's skill levels to provide everyone quality debates. A sample of that spreadsheet can be viewed here.

This division will use the GFCA Novice Packet with argument limitations, these files are based on the NDCA Novice Packet (the major differences are noted in parenthesis).  

The Scrimmages will be limited to the following arguments:

-- Lead Drinking Water Affirmative 
-- Lead Drinking Water Case Negative (this now includes the State Budgets DA and T-Protection arguments)
-- Fracking Affirmative
-- Fracking Negative (this now includes the Fracking Economy DA, Energy Security DA and T-Water Resources arguments)
-- Agricultural Runoff Affirmative
-- Agricultural Runoff Negative 
-- Business Confidence DA
-- Federalism DA
-- Midterms DA
-- States Counterplan

A link to the GFCA Dropbox that have these files can be downloaded here.


Our rookie policy division is intended for first year policy debaters in their first two ever tournaments who need a smaller packet.  As such, this division will use a smaller version of the GFCA Novice Packet.  The Scrimmages will be limited to the following arguments in Rookie:

-- Lead Drinking Water Affirmative
-- Lead Drinking Water Case Negative (this does NOT include the State Budgets DA from the NDCA version of the Lead Drinking Water Negative)
-- Business Confidence DA

A link to the GFCA Dropbox that have these files can be downloaded here.


This event is a fun take on impromptu speaking in the virtual world and allows your middle school students to practice thinking on their feet in a limited preparation event.  They have 7 minutes to speak on a topic provided.  We will have two rounds where they will get feedback on the same speech against different competitors.

Speech prompts would be released on Monday, November 8th and speech recordings would be due on November 9th.  We would release ballots for judges on November 10th at 9am and they would be due by 6pm that evening.  

Students could double enter in this event and public forum.