John C Stennis Novice Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, MS/US

Please submit Congress legislation to by September 17th.

Students competing at Stennis must be novice competitors in high school (9th-12th grade only).

Definition of Novice: A novice student is a student that has never competed in speech or debate events prior to this academic school year on the HIGH SCHOOL level. A novice student may be in any high school grade (9-12) as long as they meet the condition in the previous sentence.

A student who has previously competed in middle school is still considered a novice when they enter high school, as long as they only competed against other middle-school students and never competed against high-school students while in middle school.

There is no distinction between types of events in the definition of novice. A student who competed in Speech as a freshman is not a novice for purposes of Debate events. A student who competed in high-school debate last year is not a novice in Speech events.

Please review this definition carefully, and please enter only those students who truly qualify for novice status. Any competitors who violate the rules above will be disqualified immediately. Please email the Tournament Director with any questions about novice status or eligible students for Stennis competition at


Registration will open on Monday, August 30th.

There will be an informational Zoom meeting for new coaches to help with registration at a date TBA. Please check back here regularly for updates.



Live Speech Events (NSDA Campus Online)



Asynchronous Speech Events (Submitted via video link. Deadline is Tuesday, September 28th at 11:00pm)

Declamation (9th and 10th grade only)

Dramatic Performance (Humorous Interp or Dramatic Interp)

Poetry Interpretation

Prose Interpretation

Live Debate Events (NSDA Campus Online)




Public Forum



School Entry Limits. A school may enter up to ten (10) entries per event.

Student Entry Limits.

Students may enter a maximum of 3 events.

Students may enter a maximum of 2 live events, but may not enter more than one of Policy, Public Forum, and Lincoln-Douglas.

For example, a student may enter one of LD/PF/CX and one of Congress/Extemp/Impromptu. A student not entered in LD/PV/CX may enter two of Congress/Extemp/Impromptu.

Any students entered in two live events will need to manage their time carefully on Saturday. Students entered in Congress will be allowed to leave their Congress sessions in order to attend Impromptu, Extemp, or elimination Debate rounds.

Entry Deadlines. The deadline to add entries is Monday, September 27, at 11:00pm. Judges and asynchronous video links are due on Tuesday, September 28, by 11:00pm. Any and all changes to registration after Tuesday, September 28, must be emailed to